Connie Fredericks-Malone


Video's from Vernissage / opening Eman's Photo Exhibit

Location: L'Hotel Atelier, Villeneuve-Les-Avignon, France. May13th, 2023
Connie - Vocal
Alex - Upright Bass
Robert - Piano
Eman -Drums

"Eman saw me sing at L'Hotel Atelier a year ago. We chatted after my set and he mentioned that he was a musician and that we should work together. In May he invited me to sing with his trio at the  'vernissage' of his photo exhibit in l'Hotel Atelier's lobby. I met Robert, Alex and Eman for a quick rehearsal just before we performed. Next year we plan to perform together in Avignon for La Fete de la Musique / Music Day." Connie

Videos from the 2022 Fringe Festival held 
in Rochester New York 

"Night and Day"

"Dancing Cheek to Cheek"

In The Studio with Connie


Route 66


When Sunny Gets Blue

Azure-Te (Paris Blues)

Amazing Grace in the Cathedral de Rodez in France: 


My Man's an Undertaker (Mike Yacci, piano): 

BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE duet with Miche Fambro: 

Rehearsal Session - July 2020